Open Letter to Flight Cross Country Community

North Atlanta Christian Cross Country began in 1998.   Since then we have sought to provide a competitive opportunity for home educated students and for over 21 years we’ve been successful in doing just that.  But with any success, we have also had some significant challenges.  This year is one of those challenges.  During the 2016-17 season, the GICAA implemented a policy forbidding any type of personal protest at GICAA sanctioned events. These actions were taken as a result of a situation that occurred during the basketball season and had absolutely nothing to do with Cross Country or NAC Flight.  We were approached by our Coach and a few members of our Cross Country leadership team and asked to take a position, which we did.  As a member of the conference, the leadership of NAC  Flight felt that it was our  responsibility to comply with these rules.  We indicated that if they felt it necessary to protest, to please remove items associated with NAC Flight, and to protest outside of the venue.  We did this because we are here first to honor God, but secondarily to provide athletic opportunities for home-educated athletes.  We are not here to promote social agendas.  We feel that is the responsibility of the parents.

Unfortunately our cross country coach and a few in positions of leadership within our cross country organization felt that they could not adhere to the rules of the GICAA and as such have resigned.   Because of these actions, NAC Flight, was left without a coach or infrastructure in place to field cross country teams for the 2017-18 season.

We hope to field a team in the future so please check back often.