Who We Are

North Atlanta Christian Flight (NAC) is a ministry serving christian home schooling families by establishing a Christ-centered athletic program to encourage and support the teaching of christian principles and the building of Godly character among home school students.

Our Mission…

Our mission is to provide an exceptional athletic program for home-educated students through Christ-centered discipleship and quality, athletic coaching.

Our Vision…

North Atlanta Christian Flight (NAC) will be known as an exceptionally disciplined Christ-centered athletic program that fundamentally disciples and prepares athletes for the vision that God has placed before them.

Core Values…

F AMILY We place a value on the family and encourage family participation
L EADERSHIP We encourage our student athletes to be servant leaders
I NTEGRITY We expect anyone involved with our program to act with integrity
G RIT We expect our players to play with a firmness of character and indomitable spirit
H UMILITY We encourage a modest view of one’s own importance over others
T EAM We encourage our players to come together as a team to achieve a common goal