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    Natalie Bash finished 1st at State with a time of 20:13.48

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    Place Runner Time
    1 Natalie Bash 20:13.48
    6 Caprice Konitshek 22:03.96
    9 Aurora Konitshek 22:41.83
    10 Ashton Hattori 22:41.83

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    Place Runner Time
    4 John Higinbotham 17:35.40
    5 Joshua Beasley 17:54.20
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    • Days:  Tuesdays and/or Thursdays
    • Start Date: 7/21 (Tue)
    • Season End: Champisonship Race on 10/29, Macon, GA
    • Location: can you buy Lyrica in canada
    • Time: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
    • Weekend Training: Saturdays; Various locations along Chattahoochee River; 8 am to 11 am
    •  Costs
      • Program Fee:   $120/runner; $240 max. per family
      • Uniform: $25 per runner (top to be returned)
      • Chip: $10 per runner
      • Race: around $10 for Wingfoot; none for other races
      • Meet Parking: Typically $5 per car
      • Camp: at cost; $100+/- ($50 deposit due now if participating)
    • Gear
      • Running shorts
      • Running shoes *
      • Running top (dri-fit type)
      • Possibly wind breaker in October* Advanced runners are encouraged to have: 1) Shoes for all terrain; 2) Spikes or racing flats for races and track workout; 3) Shoes with more cushion for distance run on road; 4) Flats for gym workoutMany runners have #1 & 2
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    John Higinbotham from North Atlanta Christian made a name for himself winning the Wingfoot Classic MS race. He chose to compete at the MS State meet and made the right choice, winning the Overall title in 11:18.


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    2 Mile- John Higinbotham of North Atlanta Christian @ Wingfoot Classic 11:17

    NACXC - John Higginbotham

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    I’d like to make some (major) changes to the training schedule. Last winter, I discovered that we could achieve similar training at Webb Bridge Park (packed gravel trails for distance and turf field for speed workout) in Alpharetta. By training at Webb Bridge, we can:

    • Avoid the traffic congestion around Marist;
    • Start the training earlier for mothers to drop off the runners and fathers to pick them up;
    • Allow runners to have dinner at a normal hour;
    • Allow runners to go to bed at a normal hour;
    • Allow runners to bring friends (i.e. Alpha Crush or Fideles).

    You can attend both Tuesday session and Thursday session or just pick one if the schedule would not work out.

    Also, this year, I’d like to concentrate on long runs on Saturdays to develop slow twitch muscles for endurance. I attempted last year by having runners to log in the mileage to run across US, but only a few did it. I know logistics for parents are not that easy.  So together, we will run 10 miles to 16 miles on greenway in Alpharetta or Cumming or Roswell. With teammates, it would be so much easier than doing it alone. Young runners will run much less.

    Another thing – We need boys this year.

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    Emory All Comers Meet (till 6/16; buy Lyrica 50 mg) Many of our team members have been competing there on Tuesday nights.
    Flight Running Camp (Open to anyone; Deep Creek, Bryson City, NC) – 7/27 – 30
    • The primary object is to deepen our friendship through our common interest – joy of running.
    • The secondary object is to deepen your love for running in the great nature. You will feel the mountain air, listen to the water flow, discover the wild flowers along the way.
    • Run and hike the Great Smoky Mountain NP in the coooool air! We will also run through a pitch dark inactive tunnel.
    • Deep Creek has tubing, which we will in the afternoon.
    • The cost will be $80 to 100.
    • Parents do not need to participate (though we need some).
    • We are trying to reserve cabins at can you buy Lyrica over the counter.

    Mrs. Sarah Higinbotham and Kathryn will be training for a triathlon race. Please show your interest at buy Lyrica pills if you want to train with them this summer. It is good to cross train.

    • Other Running Camps
      • Running Camp by Coach Brenton (Colonial Hills, Powder Springs) – HS/MS  6/1 through 6/5; Elem 6/8 – 12 or 6/22-26 (Let me know if you are interested.) $50
      • Saucony Running Camp at Truett-McConnell $470
      • Warrior Running Camp at Berry or Young Harris $52
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    • Days:  Tuesdays and/or Thursdays
    • Start Date: 7/21 (Tue)
    • Season End: Champisonship Race on 10/31
    • Location: can you buy Lyrica in canada
    • Time: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
    • Weekend Training: Saturdays; Various locations along Chattahoochee River; 8 am to 11 am
    • Optional Thursday Training at Simpsonwood – Peachtree Corners (5 pm to 6 pm)
    • Special Challeges
      • Stone Mountain (loop + mountain top)
      • Prentice Cooper State Forest, Chattanooga, TN (10 mi of trail run with a nice view)
    • Meets
      • Start on 8/22
      • Tentative schedule by GICAA attached
      • Will participate in the meets on Saturdays in the metro Atlanta only (no trip to LaGrange or Augusta, except for Championship race in Macon);
      • Planning on hosting meets at Boundary Waters and Clinton Preserve
      • Special Race – Atlanta Track Club Wingfoot XC Classic 9/26 Cartersville (buy me a rose lyrics)
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    • You should have at least 1) trail shoes and 2) road shoes. If you want to take yourself to the next level, you’d want to have 3) cross country spikes for race day and speed workout.
    • Premium Stores (to find you the best fit)
      • Fleet Feet (Johns Creek)
      • REI
      • Road Runner Sports (Avalon S/C Alpharetta)
      • Big Peach
      • Totally Running (Cumming)
    • Discount online
    • Shoe Reviews
    • Don’t wait till fall to find good deals.